An International University

International activities are very important at Mälardalen University, MDU. The co-production profile is as important in the international activities as it is other areas and the university works in a regional global context to achieve value and benefit for societal development regardless of the area. The internationalisation takes departure in the belief that intercultural differences are part of everyday life and that they are important for the intellectual development of the individual.

The researchers and teachers continuously work for the development of the internal international environment to create possibilities for cooperation in education and research. During the period 2013-2016 Mälardalen University will more specifically develop international cooperation through the existing partnership that exist with the multinational companies and organisations in the region to connect to regions abroad where these stakeholders are established and were it is possible to develop cooperation with likeminded universities. Specially identified education and research environments will be further deepened and developed in cooperation with selected strategic partners.

MDU aims to offer education and research with high international standard. Another aim is to make it possible for all students and staff to engage in some kind of intercultural exchange or activity. The university aims to increase the possibilities for cooperation and exchange with other countries for teachers, students, researcher and administrative staff.

For the students this means studies or placements abroad and/or works in multicultural settings at home that will bring new experiences, increased intercultural competence and a higher level of employability.

In touch with the world

MDU has 128 agreements with 40 niversities all over the world for teacher, student and PhD mobility. The agreements cover one or more subject area and are mainly focused on mobility on different levels. There are also many agreements that include joint curriculum development, joint or double degrees, cooperation with companies and organisations, the possibility to make degree projects abroad etc. the university participates in a number of externally financed cooperation and mobility programmes such as, Nordplus, Linnaeus-Palme, Minor Fields Studies, ISEP, Science without Borders, ASEM-DUO as well as many of the big EU: s programmes, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus Life Long Learning Programme, Tempus, Marie Curie, Framework programmes for research etc.

International recruitment

MDU recruits international degree seeking students actively since 2011, when Sweden introduced tuition fees. The university offers a few Bachelor programmes and about ten master programmes taught in English. Programmes offered to international students all have a strong connection to an international research environment. The university also receives a large number of international PhD students. The university has made some geographical priorities when it comes to international recruitment and focuses primarily on India, Thailand, Brazil and Turkey as well as Europe with focus on the EU and the applying countries.