If you ar an invited guest

As an invited guest, you have an important role to play in creating a festive Ceremony for our honorary guests. Below you will find the information you need for participating.

Is there a dress code?

Guests at the Ceremony can wear optional smart attire but for guests who are invited to the banquet after the Ceremony formal attire is required.


What does formal attire mean?

Formal attire means a tailcoat (so-called white tie) with a white waistcoat and bow tie or evening dress or ball gown. Formal dress may also include folk costumes, kilts, military uniform and official clergy attire that priests wear.


Tips on stores that sell party clothes/formal attire

Ruths External link. – Västerås oldest store for party and wedding clothes

Ursulas Fest & Bröllopskläder in Västerås External link.

Mäster Skoog in Eskilstuna External link.


Invited guests are welcome from 14.50. All guests take their places 15.20 at the latest. The Ceremony starts at 15.30.


The nearest car park for visitors is the Punkt multistorey car park with an entrance from Munkgatan. Parking for people with disabilities is at Kopparbergsvägen 1-3 and at the Melker building on Kopparbergsvägen 6-8.

The train station in Västerås is about 200 metres from the Concert Hall.

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