Datum 2022-04-04
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Join the spring’s EFMD Global Fairs

The time has finally come for this spring’s EFMD Global Fairs powered by Highered! The fair is open for you as of now in order to give you ample time to prepare.

What can you do?

  • Enter the Global Fair and look through the participating companies
  • Visit the companies’ virtual booths and learn more about them
  • Check out the job opportunities and apply
  • Browse through the webinar schedule and add the webinars you may wish to attend
  • Prepare questions to reach out to recruiters either by joining their webinars or/and have a chat with them directly

There are more than 100 companies joining the fair!

Please find attached an updated brochure with detailed information of the event! Pdf, 4.6 MB.

Follow these steps to register for the EFMD Global Virtual Fairs:

  1. Sign up to the Mälardalen University’s GetHighered platform: https://mdh.gethighered.global/
    If you already have an account, simply log in.
  2. You need to be a verified student or alum to access the full features of your account. If the platform requests a “school email”, simply enter your school email for verification.
  3. Aft the verification and successful login, you will see a “Virtual Events” option on the menu at the top of your screen. Click on “Virtual Events”.
  4. After clicking on “Virtual Events”, navigate to the event (2022 EFMD Global Fairs powered by Highered) and click on “Register” to confirm your registration.